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Tuesday, November 1, 2011 @ 04:11 PM
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The Importance of Testing for Radon Contamination in Greenville, South Carolina

Radon Greenville South CarolinaGreenville, South Carolina may be at risk of radon exposure. High levels of radon gas in homes can put hundreds, or even thousands, of people at risk. If common room areas have high levels of radon contamination, that radon could put entire families at risk of lung cancer and other serious long-term health consequences. The same is true of the children that come to visit a friend. Those children can be at particular risk due to their young ages, so testing their your home for radon is absolutely essential.

In many parts of the country, radon tests on school buildings and other places where children gather are required by law. Why should your home be any different? With your family spending most of their time at home, you would not want to put them in harms way for most of the day. If tests come back negative for radon, you can sleep easy knowing that your family is safe from this dangerous threat.

What if Your Home Does Have Radon?

But if the radon tests on come back positive, the Greenville, South Carolina homeowners should take action immediately. Knowing your home has radon gives you the warning that the unfortunate 20,000 deaths by radon each year were not aware of. Having your home tested will let you welcome your home to others as well, knowing they are safe.

If high levels of radon are found, a radon specialist can reduce the radon levels to safe and prevent further radon from entering the home. But it all starts with testing, and it is important to choose a radon testing and remediation company with plenty of experience testing local Greenville, South Carolina homes.

Once you find a company with experience testing school buildings for radon, it is time to get the test done and establish a baseline for radon levels in the home. Homeowners who have never had their home tested before may use their first test as a basis for results. If the homeowner has had their home tested before, radon experts may compare results to see how to better their radon mitigation. If high levels of radon are found, the company can work to eliminate that radon from the home and give you the confidence in knowing your home is radon free.

Thursday, October 27, 2011 @ 07:10 PM
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Why Greenville, South Carolina Residents Need to Test Their Homes for Radon

Those in the southern part of the country, including people who live in South Carolina, often think that radon problems are confined to those who live in more northern climates. But the truth is that radon can strike everywhere, even in South Carolina. If you are a South Carolina resident, you do need to worry about this dangerous radioactive gas, and you do need to have your home tested for radon contamination.

Greenville, South Carolina is at Risk of Radon

Radon Greenville South Carolina TestRadon can get into your home through a number of sources, including the bedrock that lies underneath your Greenville, South Carolina home. Every day, as your family goes about its business, that radon gas could be seeping into your home and building up to toxic levels. Over time, those high levels of radon can harm your health and that of your family. The effects of radon are cumulative, and that means that every day you delay getting your home tested could be harming your health and the health of your family.

Radon can also come into your home through the water table, either through a contaminated well or ground water system. That water can enter your home through the pipes and other sources, and that could also put your family at risk.

You can even get radon contamination from the soil surrounding your Greenville, South Carolina home. That soil can be contaminated with radon, which occurs everywhere in the environment. That can lead to high levels of radon throughout your home, and again those high radon levels can put your family at risk.

There Could Be Radon in Your Greenville, South Carolina Home

Until you have your South Carolina home tested for radon, you will never know whether or not you have a radon problem. That is why you should contact a radon testing company that is licensed to do business in the state of South Carolina. Once you have found a good testing company and made an appointment, you can expect a visit from the firm representative. Once that representative arrives, he or she will test the inside and outside of your South Carolina home for possible radon contamination.

If no radon is found in your Greenville, South Carolina home, you do not have to worry, and you can rest assured that your family and your property are both protected. But if a radon problem is found in your South Carolina home, you can start the process of getting rid of the existing radon and stopping any more from coming into your house. The radon testing company that did the assessment can also help you when it comes to radon remediation and mitigation. They can give you a list of options that will help to defeat that radon problem once and for all and stop it from coming back. But it all starts with a phone call to a radon testing company doing business in South Carolina. As a responsible Greenville, South Carolina resident, you should make that important telephone call today to test for radon.