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Friday, October 26, 2012 @ 08:10 PM
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Greenville Air Quality Under Attack

Greenville Indoor Air QualityGreenville residents may have already heard about the dangers of poor air quality in South Carolina, but the facts may still run chills down your spine. Two million people die every year because of poor indoor air quality, and an additional million others perish from poor outdoor air quality. Often we assume that bustling cities are the only places that have to worry about air pollution, but with gases such as radon, and other people’s impacts affecting our own environment, this is not the case.

Greenville residents luckily have the resource of the EPA to help provide air quality ratings through the EPA’s air quality index, or AQI for short. The air quality index summarizes the air quality of Greenville into one number from zero to five hundred. Zero to fifty indicates a safe zone, but all other levels may have adverse health risks. Did you know that in the United States, we witness levels in excess of two hundred, or even three hundred, which is a level deemed hazardous in which nearly everyone will experience some type of health risk associated with poor air quality?

Radon Gas and Air Quality in Greenville

Not only is the pollution rated by the EPA’s air quality index a headache to worry about, but radon gas is another serious threat that cannot go ignored. Radon gas is a naturally occurring gas that enters your Greenville home through a variety of ways. It can essentially attack any home in Greenville, or the United States without warning. This gas is invisible, and you cannot smell it, meaning that the only way to know whether or not your Greenville home is affected is through radon testing.

So what do all of these statistics mean? First off, radon gas does not discriminate against whom it decides to attack, so everyone is potentially at risk. Secondly, you may be at a higher risk for health risks from poor air quality if your lungs are still developing, you spend a lot of time outdoors, or you have a preexisting lung condition such as asthma. Whether or not you fall into one of these categories, I am almost sure that a loved one probably does. Taking action for them is the right thing to do.

The solution to all of these complicated air pollution problems is to improve the air quality with an air purification system from S.W.A.T. Environmental. We have decades of experience, and have all the necessary certifications to properly treat your home. We are used to complicated scenarios and points of entry for radon gas, meaning that no matter how big of a radon problem you have, we have a custom solution for you. Our proven methods have reduced radon gas levels by as much as 99%, meaning your Greenville home can be safe from poor air quality. Take action, and give us a call for a free quote today.